Prezi templates are designed to show relationships within a topic.  For example, I recently used the template below to present the differences between the simple present and the present progressive.  I love the two animals fighting and think it appropriately represents the difficulty students often have when deciding which verb tense to use.
This session we have a PRESENTATIONS class, and today was the first day for group presentations. We're using the online software PREZI for visual aids.  I really like Prezi because the audience can interact more with the presentation.  For example, PowerPoint has a traditional forward and back navigation.  However, with Prezi viewers can zoom in and out and choose where they want to go inside the presentation.  Also, when working in groups, the collaboration/share element is very user-friendly.

Today, the group "SJK" presented some really interesting information on DREAMS.  Take a look!!!

This week in grammar class (CORE: LEVEL 4), we're using adjectives and adverbs.  In order to distinguish between -ed & -ing participials (excited VS exciting), I had students take pictures of themselves representing both participials of the same base word.  Check out the slideshow below to see their pictures and example sentences.  They did a great job!