Well, at the age of 19, being a college student with a dream of future which will be full of independence, pride, money and respect from other people, I chose Business Management as my main major in Maryville College. My parents agreed. My friends supported. And I, myself, was convinced completely by the widely-opened gate after graduation. I mean, with Business Management major, you can involve in whatever you can think about at this very moment. What if you are a manager in one famous fashion company, what will help you know when to hang a “Sale” board with a suitable price so your ladies can become crazy because of that more-value-than-gold word and help you take care of summer clothes which they don’t even need and surely become old-fashioned next year? Or maybe, you are a housewife who is drown in a bunch of evil bills and complaining: “They said I was their valuable customer, now they sent me hate mails!!!” Which way can help you manage your income and outcome successfully so that you do not have to be your own servants’ victim? Or just pretend you are an international thief who secretly stole millions dollar from thousands company. Which way can help you be welcome even when you walk into your victims’ companies like a boss without any doubt from them? The answer is Business Management. And your brain, of course! That is why I chose it. And I was happy with it! I remembered the day I went to my advisor’s room. We set the schedule for my very first semester in MC together. I had to put a lot of required classes which I had not heard about before I came to that room. It was a fun process. My advisor, Ms. Summar West, was a really helpful and kind person.

By Minh Hoang
When we moved to Fine Art 140 course, which is required for every student on campus except Art major, I was confused between pottery class and drawing class. I used to draw a lot when I was a really young boy. Realized that I had an interest in drawing, my parents sent me to one artist. He was a great artist but was not a suitable teacher for me. I lost my hobby because of strict rules which limit a very young child’s imagination. I stopped drawing 7 years ago. Seeing drawing class I like facing something old that you used to know, you forgot and now it suddenly appears in front of your face, on your advisor’s computer screen. It was a confusing feeling that I had not tasted for a long time. At that very moment, I did not really remember why I chose drawing class. But it does not matter because more than just a simple decision when you blink you eyes, it was a huge decision that changed my life forever. Dr. Gombert, who I’d love to call “Dr. Crazy” and always want to touch his bald head after he shaved his hair because of losing a competition with his daughter, changed the way I was taught about drawing. He taught me that I can draw by whatever I have in my hand and my imagination can’t be detained by rules and limits. The most important thing was he made me realize that I had never lost my hobby. All I need to do is just holding pencils in my hands and changing the whole world. I’ve found the part of me which I had forgotten for a long time. And I knew, this is the real me. This is what I need to do to recall who I am, to complete me and to state my true dream. For some reasons, people may call me crazy because for international student, changing majors is a risky decision. But somehow, in my mind, something told me that I was right. People choose majors and then their suitable schools. My school chose me and its people helped me realize my real track which I was and am supposed to keep, to follow and to live.

- Minh Hoang -
- Double majors: Design and Psychology -

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