Tara Townsend  
Yonsei University 

Now that the time is soon coming to a close, mixed emotions are flying. I've made great friends and had a good experience overall. Yet at the same time I know I must go back to finish what I started,  one of my korean friends who went abroad to the States was trying to explain all these emotions I am feeling. I think to have friends that have gone through similar situations is what really helps. I think by trying to meet all sorts of people, has in a way been a stepping stone to me becoming a mature adult. But it's not just about meeting people that will help, but also the experiences I have had. I didnt do anything like go to concerts or anything big; but the small moments--visitng families, actually starving for a weeks, going through depression, laughing with friends in their room, having hot chocolate with a professor and classmate. These are what made my trip worth remembering, so that as I continue my adventure elsewhere, I will not forget what I went through in Korea. I think now that I am able to sit and ponder, its finally hitting me that I want to come back and maybe teach children here for awhile. I know that I want to go to grad school, yet at the same time I want to do something different than sociology for right now. If I allow myself to explore a little more, I truly believe that when it comes time to go to grad school, I will be ready with a purpose and course of action. Yesterday was great, I had hot chocolate with one of my  professors and a classmate, but I also got to meet a grad student at Yonsei--sociology major actually. I really enjoyed talking with her,  though she is just beginning grad school; it was nice to get her thoughts. 

The one downfall of this, the classes were good but they didnt give me any homework :( Yea that I wasnt prepared for and didnt know how to cope while others had lots of homework. And of course now that it is getting down to the end, they want to give essays and finals. But in all honesty, I'm taking four classes, one class I have quiz every week and one final, my other three I just have final essay and thats it. Easy ride all the way through.  I will miss my professors, they truly made me feel welcomed and valued my input as a foreigner. 

Thank you Korea^^ Lets meet again!