Kara Loveday
Thammasat University, Thailand

So I’ve not blogged for a while because I’ve had little to blog about. This is because as most of you know, I’ve been sick the last few weeks. I thought I would omit this part of my trip from the records but now have decided “What the heck”, sickness abroad is worth blogging about. For those of you who’ve been sick abroad, I’d imagine my three weeks worth of sickness would bring you to sympathize with me. As for those of you who have not yet been sick abroad, it’s terrible. At times you feel like you are on your death bed, waiting for the Good Lord to take you from your misery. I’m pretty sure that the rest of the time you literally are on your death bed, slowing dying. I have now been to two different hospitals, three different times, seen three different doctors, had a shot, blood taken, prescribed everything in the book, and been reminded of how much my decaying body weighs multiple times (the best part of course).
Despite the feeling like death and constant reminder that Bangkok has it out for me, I’ve had a pretty awesome support system and think that I might just make it out alive. Being sick abroad is nothing like being sick at home: different pillow, different bed, weird smells, and a sewage system that doesn’t quite support the mess that your body is ridding. The positive thing about being sick abroad is that you get to see how willing those around you are to help out. I’ll take this time to give a shout out to my awesome roommate Lorraine who’s taken wonderful care of me , my neighbor Le’Chelle who’s always checking on me, and my teacher who cares enough about her students to make a doctor’s appointment for one of them. I’d have to say I’ve been placed in pretty good hands while dying in Bangkok. I’ve also had some seasoned travelers (my parents) who have been able to show me where I went wrong (Ohh, you actually meant it when you said not to eat raw veggies, drink the water, and be careful of street foods). Got ya. So now I officially can give first hand advice to future travelers- don’t eat raw veggies or fruit without peelings, don’t drink the water, and be cautious when partaking in street vending. Oh, and listen to your parents who’ve spent over 20% of their lives abroad.
So as I wait for my test results I can happily say that I feel much better and have hit a milestone in my life that most cannot claim. That is that I’ve officially, successfully lived in Bangkok, Thailand for a month and although Bangkok has come after my life pretty hard, I’m still alive and kicking. So here’s to you Bangkok, bring it on.
Also, this picture has no significance other that it was taken on my way home from the hospital. It’s the UN building in Thailand!

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