Elizabeth Hiatt
Johannes-Kepler Universitat Linz

One of my goals, one of the things I felt that I absolutely had to do while I was here, was to go see a play, opera, or ballet.  I mean, you can’t come all the way to Europe and not see at least one of these.  So, the other day when some of my friends and I were talking about it and they expressed interest as well I was really excited.  One of the girls looked up some ballets at the local theatre, and we decided to go to one called “Das Narrenschiff” (“Ship of Fools”).  I read the description, and it said that the show was about a group of people on a on a ship from Mexico to Germany set during the beginning of the Nazi regime in Europe.  I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but us ladies put on our cute dresses and heels and went out to see it.  The tickets were only 10 Euro, so it was very affordable. 

The only ballet I had seen previously was a recital of The Nutcracker, and this was definitely something entirely different.  There wasn’t very much dancing, but when there was it was only a bit of it was what I thought of as traditional ballet, and one of the main group dances was a Mambo.  There were many characters on the boat:  the captain and crew, a couple that was always fighting, and young couple (the man was an artist), a woman dressed all in black, an older woman and her daughter, and many others.  The title was certainly appropriate because, from what I could tell, each of the characters was definitely foolish in his or her own way.

Needless to say, the ballet wasn’t what my friends were expecting either – far from it.  Afterwards we went out for ice cream on the square.  When the weather got nice the restaurants put chairs and tables outside on the square, so we sat out and talked for about another hour (mostly about the ballet we had just seen). 

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to go to the opera while I’m here, but anyway, lesson learned:  do lots of research about anything you go see that you’re not already familiar with! 

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