Kara Loveday
Thammasat University, Thailand

So yesterday, after sitting through a course about Thai food, we decided to become more gutsy about what we were eating here. For the first few days, everything looks foreign and dangerous to eat. This is partly due to the fact that I do not understand the language in which things are described in and more so because everything is cooked on the street. As an American, I have been raised to believe that what we eat should be of the most quality in terms of freshness, cleanlyness, and type of food. That’s why we eat McDonalds and Taco Bell. This week I’ve learned to come away from the traditional views about food and try something new. The picture is of the most amazing street food! It’s rice with fresh veggies and chicken. The lady who made it literally cut the veggies in front of my face. There is also egg in this dish. Egg that had been sitting out on a hot street corner all day. As an American I think how dangerous the egg is without refridigeration but the truth is that fresh eggs do not need to be refriderated. It was amazing and way more than I could ever imagin eating. This fresh meal cost me $1. So my lesson I’ve learned this week is eat to learn about the area, culture, truth about food and also learn to eat things that might not seems so appealing at first.

To follow more of Kara's adventures in Thailand check out her blog Mai Pen Rai at http://karaloveday.wordpress.com/

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