Tara Townsend 
Yonsei University 

Wow where did the days go? Seems that once you try and enjoy your time abroad the days just fly by and you don't even realize it. I guess for me in between my low moments and high moments time decided to skip merrily by without even a glance back. I am enjoying my stay in South Korea and slowly learning some words; all while meeting new people= great! Word of advice from someone who is going through the the adventure (being abroad), you really have to be willing to let go a little bit to really see what the country has to offer. I know being stuck in one frame of mind can be a survival thing, but at the same time that can hinder having a good time with complete strangers on campus. This morning I was walking to get some coffee with my roommate and I saw this guy sitting by himself looking like someone stole his best friend. I was feeling quite sleepy and happy so I motioned that he should smile and he did, I don't know if that made him feel any better; but that simple act of making a smile could possibly make his day much better.
     I am realizing as I continue to stay in the city and in South Korea, that most people will not smile unless they are with friends or family. They have what I am coming to figure out two faces- nothing bad about it; but when they are around complete strangers they have a straight no laugh face. This face can flip at the drop of a hat if family or friends come into view, strange I know but it has worked for them. For me personally I try not to adopt this style from the people around me, though when you are in a new place we all try and adopt to fit in.

   To switch the subject now, yesterday was a really fun time with my peers who were from the states and some who were from another country. We traveled it seemed all over Seoul and I finally got to ask a Korean friend of mine questions that I've wondered about Korean people. Surprisingly, he answered them with no hesitation while incorporating what he learned while in the USA. If he didnt have the answer he wasnt shy to admit that he didnt know. This was good mental stimulation for me, because when I am with other Korean people they have a hard time knowing what to say or they get really shy, or they don't know how to express in English well. So to have my friend talk to me confidently and at what I consider "normal pace" was good. 

Let's hope for more good times and fun adventures!! Annyeonghikaseyo(goodbye)!


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