Tara Townsend  
Yonsei University 

Hey guys,

I know it seems like forever since I wrote here; I guess you can say I was waiting for something inspirational to hit me before I wrote senseless words. It seems that so much has happened to me since I've been in Korea but at the same time nothing has happened. I know that doesnt really make sense, but its the way that life is going for me. Classes are pretty easy here and I am rather sad because of that. When I was preparing to come to South Korea, I was prepping my mind for hard work and nothing short of that. Yet once I got here I still had that mindframe that classes were going to be tough or equal to Maryville, but sadly I was mistaken. I am taking only four classes--simple I know but I was not sure how classes really worked over here and instead of overwhelming myself; I kept it nice and easy. My professors are pretty laid back guys who expect me to do my work and be able to have fun. Though I must say, its hard to have fun especially in my one class because I'm the only foreign English speaker. I can say one thing for MC though, since they have a variety of international students I am able to be around a lot of different people and not feel sense of loss. I am making friends with some of the Koreans here and when we meet, its nothing but laughter from both sides. 
  I am still the same as I was in Maryville, but now I think that my persception of those around me has changed to adapt to those who are here with me. I still remember the one afternoon walking with my one Korean friend and we were talking on our way to the library. I forget what the conversation was about, but he stopped me in mid-sentence and said, "Can you slow down a little." I had completely forgotten that his listening skills were not as fast to pick up my English; I slowed down but our conversation didnt stop. I have found that once a Korean is approached more than once and each time talked to, they seem to open up. This seems to me almost like an onion, to get to the heart, each layer needs to be pulled back--almost like befriending a Korean.  My one friend Jiwon is simply adorable!! I still remember how we became friends-- I was waiting on one of my classes to start and I sat down beside her, but she was giving out information for a new club on campus. We struck up a conversation and she invited me to the club event. I had already been invited by the president, but I didnt let her know and this was how even today we are still good friends. Both of us like music so we try and share what music we like. 

 Right now I am learning Korean, the grammer is hard like English and those in my little class now know that I don't like grammer in both English or Korean. It's fun learning though I'm a little sad that I couldnt take the actual classes like some of the other people I know here. I hope that when I go back home that I will still teach myself Korean. I am losing my other language--American Sign Language, this was bound to happen since I don't know anyone who signs here. The Korean Sign Language is totally different from American, but I have seen it on T.V when the news comes on. It's a little weird to watch especially since I don't know the language. Though while watching I saw the same gesture and wondered what they were signing that could have the same gesture over and over.
  So now I'm enjoying myself.. Midterms have passed and I only had one midterm in class and the rest were take home essays. I am a little angry that my one professor has yet to write the essay questions for my take home midterm essay. But until he does, I'll just relax and do what I normally do--nothing :)

"Enjoy the journey, enjoy ever moment, and quit worrying about winning and losing."

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