Elizabeth Hiatt
Johannes-Kepler Universitat Linz

Wow what a busy couple of weeks! Classes have been going well, and I’m actually getting ready to finish one. My International Business final (and only) exam is the week after we get back from Spring Break! I can’t believe one of my classes is almost over already.

I didn’t get a chance to post last weekend because I was away the entire weekend. I went snowboarding for the first time! I had always wanted to try it, and I was so happy to finally get the opportunity. I learned some very important lessons trying to learn how to snowboard:
1. No matter how many times you fall down, you just gotta get back up
2. Attitude is everything
3. Yes, it is possible for your entire body to be sore all at once. Your entire. Body. Take it from me.
A lot of people told me that snowboarding is harder than skiing, and whenever I told anyone it would be my first time snowboarding I would always get this one look that said “wow, really?” In truth, I did think it was hard! It’s very tiring, but there are few things comparable to actually making it down the hill (even though it was the bunny hill…) without falling, and maybe even succeeding in doing the turns we were taught. Our teacher was really nice and super patient with all of us beginners. I had a great time, and I definitely can’t wait to go snowboarding again. But, by the time we got back late Sunday night all I wanted to do was collapse into bed.

On Tuesday we had the “English-Speaking-Countries” Stammtisch. Every couple of weeks the University has a different Stammtisch (or party, you could call it), and each gathering focuses on different regions of the world. The first one was the Austrian Stammtisch, so natives of Austria brought and shared traditional Austrian food and music. It was really an adventure trying to coordinate everything for this week’s Stammtisch, especially since the day everyone needed to bake only two ovens in our entire building were working. But, we got everything sorted out, and people made everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to Sheppard’s Pie to Vegemite sandwiches. I baked a couple red velvet cakes (which in itself was an adventure – I can now definitely know how to ask “Do you have red food coloring?” in German). All in all, it was very successful!

On top of university work, I’ve been really busy planning my spring break details, and I’ve finally gotten everything sorted out! For the two weeks I have off from classes I’ll be going to The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, and Slovakia! I can’t wait! I’m particularly excited about going to Slovakia because I may get the opportunity to go hiking in some astoundingly beautiful places (if the weather cooperates). One of my friends who is from Slovakia is getting a group of people to go, so I’ll be meeting her there and hopefully we’ll be hiking soon thereafter! If not though, I’m sure she’ll be able to show us around in her hometown and that we’ll have a blast. I’m so excited about spring break, but I have to remember that yes, I actually do have classes to do work for (shocker!). So this week I’ll be frantically trying to get the rest of my work done and getting ready for my two-week travels!

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