Tara Townsend
Yonsei University

Finally I made it to Yonsei University and have settled in; but I did more than settle in, I made friends. No sooner had my Korean host mom put the van in park and wonder inside a wrong building another lady who spoke English approached saying that this other building was where she thought internationals students went. Following her lead my sister and I proceeded to the building the Korean lady told us and I met up with a girl who was from Singapore. I just did what came natural and started conversation and that is how I met her, otherwise the elevator down to the next building would have been boring. Dead end for me.... I thought the building below would be my home too along with the Singaporean girl, but it wasnt.  I headed outside and my sister was waiting, " You're suppose to be upstairs, I asked the lady at the desk." There was hope for me! Using the elevator again I went upstairs and the lady did have my information and was waiting for me. Getting everything I needed from her I went up to my dorm and surprise--- small room.. Good news is I have a girl from Singapore as a roommate and she is super sweet! Saying goodbye to my Korean mom was sad but at the same time it had to happen. Now being at Yonsei has made me miss my Korean mom and her endless Korean chatter. Here there is English and other foreign languages that I  could pick up, but nothing is the same as my Korean mom. 

First night out in the city and I don't know what to do or where to go but Im in luck. Two of my Korean friends from MC are in the city and they come get me and show me Seoul. I get to try spicy noodles which it's name says it all and we go see a movie-- Step up 4 revolution (in English with Korean subtitles). My day has gone well and after we split ways, I am again with another friend from MC--Eun and we enjoy dinner together at an Italian restaurant. The day seems to have been a dream but a very good dream. 

The days seem to float into the next without me realizing it. That seemed to be the case until the day Yuji flew into Seoul. It seemed I was once again a newbie in Korea, enjoying the sights and exploring as a kid would. That day seemed to be the drinking day as well, in Korea it is the culture when with friends you eat and drink. I was with friends and we did what was part of Korean culture. Like all things it had to end the next day and we split paths once again.

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