Elizabeth Hiatt
Johannes-Kepler Universitat Linz

I’ve had the privilege to experience some more lovely Austrian holidays!  We didn’t have class this past week for two days because of a holiday.  We had both Thursday and Friday off from class, and to be truthful I didn’t know which day the holiday officially was.  I had planned to go into the city on Thursday to do a little shopping, betting that Friday would probably be the holiday.  I was shortly proven wrong though, because as I was walking to the tram station I had to stop for a religious parade!  There was a band, there were priests, there were kids with candy, and there were people in lederhosen everywhere.  It was a really nice parade all in all, and I really enjoyed it.  I knew this would mean, however, that the majority of shops would be closed. I decided to go into the city anyway to see if anything else exciting was happening, and I got to witness what I think was an outdoor mass in the middle of the central square (I’m not entirely sure since it was in German, but there was a priest!). 

Even though I didn’t get any shopping done, it ended up being a jolly holiday because one thing that was open was a gelato stand.  And there’s nothing like sitting in the sun with a gelato on your day off from class. 

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