Kelley Blankenship
University of Worcester, England

This morning started out pretty terrible, not going to lie. The gloomy weather seemed to play well with how I was feeling... a little ill, bored, and stressed. But as if God himself was listening to my horrible attitude this morning, He decided to brighten my day with a few things, one of them being the sun. Literally as the sun (finally) came out, I entered into a much needed skype session with Mum. Seeing my pitiful state and listening to my pity party, Mum gave me her motherly advice and told me that I had to get out and do something and give her a full report by this evening! So... I did! I remembered that I really needed to get a hair cut, so I made my way to a place that my flatmate recommended. I decided to take the path along the river (because the day was so nice), and made my way down towards the cathedral. As I was walking up a side street, I noticed two men walking from High Street in World War II uniforms...? A bit confused, but not thinking much of it, I continued on but then realized that there were two other men walking around in what looked to be like Three Musketeer outfits. Ok... now something is up. I rounded the corner to find a whole crowd of people dressed in various period outfits! Ah!!! Naturally, I started laughing, not really sure what I had just stepped into. It turns out that the Worcester Re-enactors were doing an event called "Living History in Worcester"... so cool. The sign said "Free Entry," so of course I went in! I was like a giddy child walking around a candy store. I think I started weirding people out because I was a little too excited.
After feeding my historic appetite, I made my way down to the salon. There I met two very lovely ladies and a nice gentleman. I had an interesting conversation which included comments like "Do you have people tell you that they just love to hear you talk?" and "You have a very calming American accent." HaHa! I must have talked to them for a half an hour after I got my hair cut.

Saturday = a good day. The thing is, if Mom hadn't made me get out of my room, then I would have missed out on meeting those wonderful ladies and having some historic fun! The moral of the story is obvious... Mother Knows Best. :) Love you Mummy!

"Where ever you go, go with all your heart."

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