Kara Loveday
Thammasat University, Thailand

So this past weekend we decided that we’d hope on a greyhound and head to the beach. For those of you who have never been by bus anywhere, it is quite the experience and one that everyone should have at least once. The bus was just like an airplane that would never leave the ground with seat numbers, a ticket, and an uncomfortably small and gross bathroom. Perfection. As we made this short trip to Pattaya beach, we drove past the non Bangkok part of Thailand. This was the Thailand that looked familiar and less foreign until we drove past small fires on the sides of the road that were unattended with possibly no intentions of becoming attended. Once we arrived at Pattaya we realized that this was no ordinary Myrtle Beach. It was a place primarily for single men. Despite this fact, we had fun with it and stayed away from the madness that it is known for. The beach is lined with vendors selling you a prime piece of real state on the sand and various foods and souvenirs. For someone who would like to be catered to, this was the perfect spot. Your entire job was to sit while anything you wanted or needed was within reach. What I learned from this experience is two things: first, although something is deemed a certain way, you do not have to conform to that and second, nothing is free in Thailand including a place in the sand.

To follow more of Kara's adventures in Thailand check out her blog Mai Pen Rai at http://karaloveday.wordpress.com/

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