Tara Townsend  
Yonsei University 

Time doesnt seem to care what you are doing, or even where you are at. I still can't believe that I've been in South Korea about four months. I can still remember going through security and boarding the plane, wow, time sure does fly. I have enjoyed every moment of my journey and still am; I have had the opportunity to meet new people, eat great food, and see another part of the world that some might never get to see. The moments that I have gone through, I think have helped in some way shape my character. It will later reflect later in life, when I am in a job or interacting with other people in another country. I recently just returned from a small town on the outskirts of Seoul with a friend of mine. I loved it so much that I didnt want to leave but I knew that I had to :( While with my friend, we visited her family and there I got to see how the family interacted, plus I got to help with making kimchi, samgapsa (grilled pork) all of it was delicious. It was fun being surrounded by the family who loved having me. 
  My classes are fairly easy and are taught in English, though my one professor after lectures if there is time left over will give a Korean overview of the lecture for the Koreans in the class. I stay and listen which makes the material a little more interesting. I think all my classes are fairly interesting because each has something unqiue about them. The only downfall is the reading, I don't have homework just reading :-/ I have to say that this is way better than loads of homework but after awhile it becomes boring. 
Weeks ago, I had an encounter with a mother and baby at the red light. We were waiting to cross the street together and I couldnt help but look over and there was a mom with a baby strapped to her in the front. The baby was all cheeks and just stared at me, well I couldnt help but smile and try to make the baby smile. No such luck, the baby kept staring and nothing else. The mom who noticed my attempt smiled at me and would occasionally look at her baby to see the reaction. The babies I noticed are in my opinion a little more cuter than some American babies; I'm not sure if it's because of the extra chubbiness or what but they are.
Only five more weeks and then vacation. I won't know what to do with myself but when it does come, I'll only think about eating, sleeping and relaxing!

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