Tara Townsend
Yonsei University

Good evening all, I know it's been awhile but it really doesnt feel like it. I do have to say that with classes and trying to be a little social its crazy; why do I say this? For starters I have to keep in the back of my mind that what I do here can somewhat affect what happens when I get back home. Hahah almost like a child, being cautious in case mom or dad finds out what I've done--nothing bad of course;-) Classes are going well, all of them are in English with Korean professors who are not as tough as what I expected them to be. Yet let me not say that to loud, don't want them to think anything differently. South Korea especially the capital, in a way reminds me of the big cities of the US; traffic, bars, clubs, lots of people and not enough trees or stars in the sky because of pollution. Most of the times I think that I am back home and have just gone to New York for a visit, the only thing really different is that here the majority is Korean. I don't speak the language except for the baby words like thank you, goodbye, hello; and the Korean people are shy around foreigners unless you approach them in which case they might forget what English they learnt. My classes are really interesting, since what I learn in one class seems to be what we are starting to learn in my other class. What I really like about these classes is the way they are getting me to think in the way of my major. lick here to edit.

 Nothing new has really happened to me much while I have been here besides eating new food, meeting people from different states and sometimes different countries, and joing a club that is trying to help children of multicultural families. All in all, I'm enjoying myself.

Until next time bye bye

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