Elizabeth Hiatt
Johannes-Kepler Universitat Linz

So… after traveling for two weeks it was pretty hard to get back to classes.  I’m not gonna lie, I’d been away for so long I didn’t even remember my schedule.  I showed up to my German class thirty minutes early the first day back because I thought it started at 8am and not 8:30.  As a result of the crazy amount of traveling and sight-seeing I did in those two weeks I’ve gotten into the habit of thinking that if I’m not going somewhere every weekend I’m not really taking advantage of the time I have here.  However, it’s actually been really nice to relax and do things around Linz on the weekends.  It’s been pleasant to hang out at the lake or go into the city to eat gelato and check out the open-air markets or even to just walk along the Danube. 

Unfortunately I can’t relax all the time.  I finished up some midterms a while ago, and now that I’m facing finals about a month from now I remember that I do have classes to take here! (Wow, what a thought.)  Hopefully I’ll get to travel a little bit more in Austria before I go, but I’ll always have Italy to look forward to the first week in July!  I had to try and sneak in one more European adventure before I left, and I’m so excited! 

One thing that Austria does excellently is holidays, and this has definitely increased my propensity to forget about classes, much to my detriment.  A while back we had a long weekend, and this coming week we have both Monday and Tuesday off, and the next week we have Friday off as well!  And since I don’t have classes on Thursdays that makes for another four-day weekend!  This definitely hasn’t helped my work ethic, as I would much rather shop in the city or lay by the lake on our off days. 

Thinking about finals makes me realize how little time I have left here.  I can only imagine how strange it will be to come back to the States to see familiar faces and places that I haven’t seen or been to in so long.  I’m definitely excited, but I will be sad to go and leave the amazing places and the wonderful people here.  All the more reason to enjoy the time I have left here!

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