Tara Townsend 
Yonsei University

It's happened.. I wasn't sure it would, but it's happened. I am experiencing what most would call the "drop" or  after the honeymoon feeling that one gets when they travel to somewhere new. I thought for me that Korea would stay interesting for about a month or two, yeah not happening. Yet I'm okay with that, hmmm... I must really be growing as a person, me being okay that something is becoming boring. In the past I would throw a fit that something was becoming boring or dull to me, but now I'm accepting it and going with it. I've talked with fellow students at MC about the feeling and they are all like, "hang in there," "it's to be expected," I'm not quite sure what they were expecting me to do, what freak out? Hahaha I guess I could freak out and go crazy but my inner person is really relaxed and waiting to see what's going to happen next. I know for some people though, they can't seem to sit still and let things come naturally, always in a rush. Usually I would be right beside them, demanding the next thing to happen on my time.
   After coming to Korea, I've become even more chill/relaxed which I don't mind. It's weird being in Seoul though, the busy city like its American partners (NYC and LA) never sleeping but always awake. I didn't think I would be in a busy city and like it, yet here I am taking in everything around me. The hustle and bussle of people, buses, cars, and seems to never stop. Here I am away from the quiet of my hometown to the roaring of Seoul Korea--who would of thought?? I got the chance to talk with my roomate from Japan and she couldn't believe I was studying abroad, the only thing I could do was just laugh. If she couldn't believe it, how did she think I felt?! I knew it would happen someday and well I demanded it happened when I wanted it to. Now that I'm on this adventure I'm glad that I did decide now, I wouldn't change anything about it. 

Wonder what's going to happen on my next adventure? Hahaha every moment is an adventure :) I've enjoyed the past couple of downtime now it's time to get out and see the city again...

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