Lourdes Calvo Tomás is a Spanish exchange student who is happy studying at Maryville College and she has countless plans for the near future such as traveling to Puerto Rico, studying for her masters anywhere in the world and working in Hong Kong.

Lourdes studied in a French school in Spain and then decided to improve this language studying with two years of Languages ​​Applied to Economics and Law at Université Paul Valéry Montpellier III in France. Then, and because her intention is to work as a conference interpreter and simultaneous translation, she made the decision to come to the USA to perfect her English.

"I must confess that my first choice was not Maryville College, but now I'm glad to be here. Living on campus has allowed me to make many friends and that makes me very happy because I feel accompanied, like home".

The goal for her now is to speak English as fluently as she speaks Spanish and French, and then get a masters in interpretation somewhere in the world. “The truth is that I want to do many things. I want to continue studying and traveling, knowing the world. I have also the opportunity to go and work in Hong Kong, where I spent already a month and a half last year. I want to know Latin America as well... I know I want to do many things, I have not made up my mind of which thing first and which one later though, but I will do all of that”.

Lourdes finishes her studies at Maryville College in May and then she will decide what to do next….