"Since I was in fourth grade, I want to be a teacher." To Soojung An or Susan, as her American friends call her, teaching children is one of her main goals in life, for that reason she is studying a semester at Maryville College.

She is an exchange student from the Sejong University of South Korea, where she is in her last year of her major, English Literature. Her minor is Education. "Maryville College has been a good place to improve my English. People here are very friendly so it is easy to establish conversations with other students."

Susan wants to teach English to middle school students in South Korea. "I chose to be a teacher because my fourth grade teacher was very kind to me and my class. Unintentionally she encouraged me to study and now I want to teach English in a public school in my country."

Susan enjoys reading, an activity that she tries to do in her free time, although she acknowledges that increasingly has less free time, because she has to do a lot of homework daily.

Another thing that she likes to do is travel, especially to place with beaches, so at the end of this semester she wants to visit an American city with beaches, one of her options is to go to Florida. Also she will travel to Boston, Washington and New York.

She will return to South Korea to finish her last semester of university and then she’ll graduate. "I know that being at Maryville College helps me to improve my English, so I think when I’ll get to my university I will have no problem to finish and start doing my practice and become an English teacher."

Iricenia Guevara is an exchange student from Panama who came earlier this fall for a year of classes at Maryville College. She is studying English as a second language in her country at the University of Panama. "I chose to study English because speaking two languages ​​in my country allows me to have better chances of job."

She also is a scholarship student by the U.S. government. "For me studying at Maryville is a dream come true, because without the scholarship I would not have been able to be here today." Iricenia is the oldest of four siblings and the first in her family to leave her country to study.

At Maryville College she has not only made ​​new friends, but she has also improved her English and is reinforcing her knowledge of the business area, because she wants to work in Panama in external trade or international business.

She likes sports and she practices volleyball every day. Her next goal is to practice all winter sports she can. "In Panama we have no snow, and then my only opportunity to learn to skate on snow, snowboard or ski is here. I really want to do it".

Iricenia is happy with her experience at Maryville College.
"I and especially my parents are proud of me, because I’m studying abroad, because I’m learning many new things and because I know when I return to Panama to finish my career the next year, I will have more and better jobs opportunities than my parents had, and that's wonderful".

Eunkyung Oh, or Rachael as her American friends call her, is an exchanging student at Maryville College, who came this fall to study for one semester. She was born in South Korea and her major is Business Administration and her minor is psychology. Before coming to Maryville she spent time in San Diego, but then realized that she wanted to be in a smaller place to make friends and practice her English. So she chose to come to Maryville. Here at MC, in addition to studying, she uses her free time to blog and, because she loves to travel, plan her future trips. In fact she has traveled to several cities in Asia, Europe and America. “I love to see different places, experience other cultures and meet other people. Travelling allows me to always learn something new. Also, on every trip I take pictures so I can then publish my photos and my travel stories on my blog.” Rachael also plays the piano in her spare time. "When I was in middle school I used to play piano, but then college life was very intense and I had no time to do so. Now in Maryville College I am taking piano lessons, and I'm also playing piano whenever I can, almost five hours a week”. In December Eunkyung will travel to New York, Boston and Florida. Then she’ll return to South Korea to continue her studies at Yonsei University.