Julien Robinel was born in France and his biggest dream is to teach French here in the United States. He's studying English at the Université d'Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse and came to Maryville College in August this year to spend a semester studying in the United States.

Julien is an exchange student and recognizes that the dream of teaching French was born when he was 14 years old and came to the United States for first time. "At that time I was surprised with this country, especially its language. I enjoyed the experience and I convinced myself that I wanted to learn English and then come here and teach my native language".

For him Maryville College has been a new and enriching experience to improve his English. "I had never talked to foreigners, and at first I was afraid that other people do not understand me, but I have not really had any problems. People ask about my accent and they always want to know about France. This is a wonderful experience”.

When Julien is not studying he likes to spend his free time talking with friends or going out with them anywhere. Also he likes to travel and has already been to Spain, Germany, Ireland and the Caribbean, in addition to Boston and New York in the United States.

To Julien Robinel a semester to complete his major and the experience that he has acquired in recent months at Maryville College have helped him to improve his English and explore some alternatives that allow him to continue his studies in the United States to become a French Teacher.