Iricenia Guevara is an exchange student from Panama who came earlier this fall for a year of classes at Maryville College. She is studying English as a second language in her country at the University of Panama. "I chose to study English because speaking two languages ​​in my country allows me to have better chances of job."

She also is a scholarship student by the U.S. government. "For me studying at Maryville is a dream come true, because without the scholarship I would not have been able to be here today." Iricenia is the oldest of four siblings and the first in her family to leave her country to study.

At Maryville College she has not only made ​​new friends, but she has also improved her English and is reinforcing her knowledge of the business area, because she wants to work in Panama in external trade or international business.

She likes sports and she practices volleyball every day. Her next goal is to practice all winter sports she can. "In Panama we have no snow, and then my only opportunity to learn to skate on snow, snowboard or ski is here. I really want to do it".

Iricenia is happy with her experience at Maryville College.
"I and especially my parents are proud of me, because I’m studying abroad, because I’m learning many new things and because I know when I return to Panama to finish my career the next year, I will have more and better jobs opportunities than my parents had, and that's wonderful".

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