My name is Sujin Jung. I am an exchange student from South Korea. When I applied for an exchange student program, Maryville College was my first choice because of the size of its campus. I thought that the small size of the campus could help me adjust to American campus life, and indeed, it was quite helpful for me. In a classroom, the number of students is usually less than thirty. So, when I had difficulty keeping up with classes, I could receive a lot of attention and help from professors.

Not only was the size of the campus helpful to me but also International House staff has helped me experience American culture. As an exchange student, I was supposed to experience American culture and inform Americans of Korean culture. I-house staff took international students to a football game, a rodeo, a thanksgiving dinner, and other activities. Also, they hosted diverse international fairs and allowed international students to have presentation about their country and their culture. 

I have been at Maryville College for seven months. While I was here, I have met a lot of students from other countries and experienced a diversity of cultures. When I go back to Korea, the experiences will leave me with unforgettable memories.